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United Kingdom
North West England
Amy Fairbrother
Student Birth Doula. Sale, Cheshire. 'I am Amy, I'm 22 years old and I live in Sale. I have no children yet but am completely obsessed with birth! Not having given birth myself, I don't have a story that led me to this line of work, it just called to me - it's what I am supposed to do. I originally...
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Christine Ivory
Student and Postnatal Birth Doula. Greater Manchester, Lancashire. 'As a mother of three and grandmother of five (so far!!) my aim is to support you and your family so that you may have a positive birth story, leaving a memory that will both remind you and make you feel proud of the amazing ...
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West Dorset and East Devon
Aquila Dunford-Wood
Student Birth Doula.'Teaching pre and postnatal yoga for over six years and then giving birth to my son in 2015 made we want to follow the line of study to become a doula. For my own journey into motherhood I had a doula at my side and the role was integral to my wonderful experience, feeling...
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Bristol and the South West
Cassandra Rosa West
Established Birth and Postnatal Doula. Bristol. 'I was drawn to the role of Doula out of my great respect for pregnancy and birth, viewing this time as a sacred rite-of-passage where women have the opportunity to connect with their power, let go of that which no longer serves them and embrace their...
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Fleur Inana
Student Birth Doula. 'I feel as a doula I am here to facilitate natural flow and healing; inspiring women to remain in touch in with their deepest nature and self empowerment during the birth giving experience.  My approach is one of deep respect for the identity of another, deep self love, ...
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Jackie Platteel
 Student Birth Doula. ‘Hello my name is Jackie Platteel.  I am from the Netherlands amd am living in Glastonbury UK. I have worked as a trauma therapist healer for 20 years and as a postnatal nurse in the Netherlands.I started my Doula training here in the UK with Kate Woods as a trauma informed...
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Phyllida Warmington
toStudent Birth Doula: Covering an up to an hour from TA4-  Taunton, Wellington, Bridgwater, Exeter, Minehead, Exmoor, Weston-Super-Mare, Glastonbury.  'I believe birth is a profound right of passage and not inherently a medical event, even if medical interventions take place. I am here to offer...
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Sharon Gimpel
Student Birth Doula. Stroud, Gloucester, Cirencester, Cheltenham, Tetbury, Stonehouse, Dursly and area around. I am a mother to two wonderful girls, which I gave birth to at home. I am a dancer and mover, a Feldenkrais and somatic movement practitioner and a mentored Doula. I feel that every...
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Edinburgh and Glasgow Scotland
Daisy Dinwoodie
Established Birth and Postnatal Doula. 'I strongly believe in every woman's ability to know what is right for her and her baby and that, with support of her partner and/or a doula and access to information, she can birth her baby with grace, strength and passion.  I have supported many women...
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Fiona Reilly
Established Postnatal Doula. 'Fiona is passionate about empowering women and families to choose what feels right for them around birth and parenthood. She has worked as a birth and postnatal doula since 2011, she now focuses primarily on postnatal care and maternity reflexology. She loves...
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Isabella Smith
Student Postnatal Doula. My story as a postpartum Doula started when I gave birth to my daughter and had my partner and my sister by my side. After that I felt a calling and trained with Conscious Birthing in November 2018.  Since I was a little girl I was always helping with babies and loved being...
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Bromley Kent (prepared to travel)
Jakki Hesse
Student Postnatal Doula. ​Jakki trained with Conscious Birthing in November 2017 as she had a calling to this work after being present for the birth of her Godson in 2014. Jakki supported her best friend through the birth process followed by a week long baby moon, where she supported mum, dad and...
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Jess Willerton
Student Birth Doula. “I felt a calling to be a Doula before I was pregnant with my first child. Something sparked and I couldn’t let it go. My own pregnancy and birth story fuelled this passion and I felt the pull to support families more than ever.  I’m a hypnobirthing practitioner and I’m working...
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Cornwall and Devon borders
Jo Kidman
Jo Kidman Established Birth and Postnatal Doula​ I’m Jo, a birth and post-natal doula working across Cornwall and the Devon border. I support all kinds of families and all  types of births including those at home, in birth centres and at Derriford and Royal Cornwall hospitals.   I live in a...
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East Grinstead
Kizzy Petit
Student Postnatal Doula. ‘Hi, I am Kizzy, which means “Stillness; be at peace”. I live with my family in East Grinstead after moving to the UK from Venezuela in 2014. I used to be a Marketing lecturer back in my country, where I worked in the business sector for ten years. Following that, I became...
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Wales and surrounding areas
Lily Rose Sequoia
Lily Sequoia Student Birth Doula "As your Doula, I am here to support you to empower yourself through informed choice; and to stand with you as you navigate your way through pregnancy and birth towards life with your newborn”. Your Body, Your Choice: Whatever choices you make about your pregnancy...
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Walthamstow and surrounding areas
Michelle Matheson
Michelle Matheson: Student Birth Doula  Pregnancy, birth and postpartum is a time of beautiful vulnerability and transformation in a woman’s life; whether her first birth or sixth. A woman’s birth experience is precious to me and to share in the journey of her baby is an immense privilege. My...
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Southwest England and London
Samsara Tanner
Established Birth and Postnatal Doula. 'Samsara's soul has always been called to Birthing. From first glorious moment of empowerment at the birth of her first son aged 24, she has been attending births , and has had wonderful birth doulas attending her own four births. Trained in Childbirth...
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Sophie Whippy
Established Birth Doula. ‘Sophie trained with Conscious Birthing in 2017 as she felt a calling to Doula work following the birth of her son in 2013. She is passionate about empowering women & families as they navigate a new chapter of their lives and hopes to do this by being a source of...
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Established Birth and Postnatal Doula. 'Cyd Lee lives on a small island in the Mediterranean, Ibiza. It's a tight community of generally open minded international people, many of whom have escaped the mainstream paradigm and are looking for alternative ways to live their lives , with deeper meaning...
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Kate Gardner
Student Birth Doula. ‘Hi I’m Kate and I’m English, originally from London but I now I live in Ibiza. I’ve been fascinated by birth since I was a little girl and used to sit watching births on TV.  Little did I know this would be an indication of my chosen path. I am a yoga teacher I have been...
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Zuzanna Toczkiewicz
‘Hi, I'm Zuzanna and I live on beautiful the island of Ibiza. I have no children of my own, however I am extremely passionate about pregnancy and childbirth. My passion began 10 years ago when I was studying aromatherapy in London. I remember the chapter about using oils during pregnancy and...
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