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Bristol and the South West

My name is Bec and I have always been fascinated by pregnancy, birth, nature and the human body. Through my own holistic journey, I discovered the role of the Doula and since then, had an innate knowing that this is what I’m here to do.

I am a Trauma Informed Doula, so I offer a space for you to work towards your best strategies when planning for your birth, to ensure you feel safe and in control. This means I have no judgement around which way you chose to birth-my job is to support you in empowered decision making.

I believe Pregnancy & Birth are a sacred rite of passage and one of the most beautiful, healing journeys we can travel. Birth can be a joyful time of celebration.

My intention as a Doula is to help women to come home to our bodies, to embody our true power and to remember the wisdom we have within us.

The journey of Birth can empower each woman on her own life path and will bring medicine to those around her. My intention is to walk with you during your experience and I humbly offer my services as you journey towards meeting your baby.    

I work from the heart and am guided by my intuition, encouraging you to listen to yours. I work in deep connection with nature and the cycles of our bodies, using meditation, ritual, emotional release, womb healing and embodiment techniques. I bring the opportunity to journey with you in love, fun and support, by listening to you, signposting for information to help with your decision making, laughing with you, and holding you and your family in a safe space.

I believe Birth is not something that just happens to our bodies, it’s an experience of deep transformation, which is intimate and profound. I support you in cultivating strong support systems for yourself and your new family, encouraging an experience of birth and early parenthood as deeply healing. Birthing in safety and in peace heals old stories and brings love to new ones, helping to heal our ancestral lines.

I am originally from Liverpool but now based in Glastonbury. If you feel called to connect, learn more about me and my offering my email is:

My Instagram account is: becwallisbirthkeeper 

My email is:

And my contact number is +447960597645



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