Student Birth and Postnatal Doula: 'Hi, I’m Clem. I am based in Crewe and cover my local area around Cheshire East and within 1 hour drive of Crewe. 

I am originally from France but moved to the UK 6 years ago and settled down in Cheshire, where I am now raising my little boy with my partner.

If you are reading my profile, then you are already on the path to discovering your incredible super powers, and your baby’s! Whoever you choose to be your doula, you will do great. 

Maybe you are expecting your first child and you want everything and everyone to be in your corner in order to get the undisturbed, physiological birth that you want. Maybe you had a first pregnancy and birth but things didn’t quite go to plan, and you want more support this time around. Maybe you had a C-section for your previous birth and want to have a “natural” birth for this one. Maybe you are an anxious person by nature and simply want extra support during this life-changing experience.
Or maybe you want a medicalised birth with “all the drugs” but you want support to make sure you are respected and informed all the way. Whatever you are hoping for, you know what you need and what is best for you. My role will be to listen to you, inform you and support you and your partner through your pregnancy and labour. 

You may not know the midwife who will attend your birth, she will likely feel like a stranger. But by the time you have your baby, you and me will know each other well, and you will have an extra person in the room with you who you trust and who has your back. 

I am also a Trauma Informed doula and apply this in my practice.

You may also want to call me if you are looking for a postnatal doula. The first few weeks are such a whirlwind of emotions. So much love in a new family, but also so much fatigue, confusion, new learning… Why not offer your family the best possible start by choosing someone to give you a hand? I can come to your home and support in many different ways, from spending time with older siblings to cooking a nice warm meal for you. From looking after the baby while you get a few hours of sleep to taking care of that pile of dishes. I want you to feel nurtured and rested, so that you can then nurture that brand-new baby of yours. So that your partner can enjoy being a new parent too, instead of spending all their time doing jobs around the house. 

I also organise and run mother blessing ceremonies, or Blessing-Ways.

Please do get in touch if you would like to arrange a free phone call, video call or meet up: / 07465 412 584 website



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