Student Mentorship Programme




  • Our Student Mentorship Programme is unique, as we support you in establishing a high-quality Doula practice and growing your own Business, whilst remaining connected to and honouring of our roots as lay practitioners  within this ancient tradition


  • We offer you a highly professional, but never impersonal service, given by those who are already very experienced within the Doula world


  • Our foundations are based in the fine-tuning of what each individual brings, alongside respecting the values of reflective practice and self-care


  • We strive always to offer both hearts and minds as Doulas, and empower you to do the same


  • We deeply respect every cultural and individual difference and practice cultural humility and responsiveness 
  • We know that Birth ultimately creates our society, so we strive to sow seeds of empowerment and peace, with loving support for our future generations.


Our Values

  • We highly value our intuition here at Conscious Birthing and we encourage you to value yours, supporting you to represent this quality within those you support, empowering them towards their instinctual selves, in preparation for birth and parenting


  • We believe each Doula benefits greatly from a self-loving practice and from the ability to 'Empty your Bowl' and have a good look at the contents. We believe that a Doula must 'Doula thyself' and expect you to practice from a place of wellness, not a need to rescue


  • We expect to work with you as a unique individual rather than offer you a 'one size fits all' Programme, so whilst we expect that you will progress from your 'Student' status to an 'Established' Doula status after around 3-6 births or 30 postnatal hours (with at least 3 different new families) we meet every student individually


  • We generally expect you to become Established at a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 2 years. 

We Provide


  • The opportunity to join a growing community supporting a global movement towards reclaiming our rights to give birth how, where and with whom we choose, in dignity and peace
  • Add your Bio and photo to our 'Find a Doula' pages
  • A personal Mentor who will encourage your reflective practice, support your growing understanding of the role and empower you towards your own personal best Doula service
  • An opportunity to utilise whichever form of communication works best for you. We are aware that the written word isn't for everyone, so we accept your recorded audio reflections/ voice notes, phone conversations and real-time meets when possible, with us too. We won’t add paperwork to your life, unless you like it
  • One-to-one 'Preparation for work', then 'During Service', and finally those 'Unpacking the Story and Emptying your Bowl' meetings in person, or by on a call with your Guide
  • Access our wonderful ‘Round the Kitchen Table’ online ‘ in person monthly gatherings
  • Access to your Mentor on WhatsApp or Telegram



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