Jess Willerton

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Student Birth Doula. “I felt a calling to be a Doula before I was pregnant with my first child. Something sparked and I couldn’t let it go. My own pregnancy and birth story fuelled this passion and I felt the pull to support families more than ever. 

I’m a hypnobirthing practitioner and I’m working on a birth educator course. 
Aside from these, I had a strong feeling that I had to meet Kate and do the Conscious Birthing Doula course. Having completed this, I am now being mentored with her expertise and guidance and I have never felt so content with where my journey in life is heading. 

As a Doula and Hypnobirthing practitioner I’m here to support you and your family in guiding you on your journey to parenthood positively. Helping to empower you, standing by you and your families choices for the birth of your baby”. Contact Jess at: 



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