• Hello! I’m Hana and I’m a Student Doula working in London under Kate Woods’, of Conscious Birthing, mentorship. I’m here to support families in having positive, empowered experiences so that they can raise a generation of loving and connected humans. 
  • I have always been of service to the people in my life and through my own self-work, have come to remember that my values are love, connection and openness; my purpose is to bring people together. 
  • As the last few years of listening to birth stories, watching birth videos and reading books on birthwork have shown me, I am called to live out my values in the birth room and with families - perhaps unsurprisingly as a Cancer born on a Mo(o)nday! My Jordanian Grandmother was also the village ‘daya’ (doula/midwife) - this work is in my ancestry.
  • Some things to know about me:

* I’m Jordanian and English 

* I love food (cooking it and eating it)

  • * Yes to intersectional feminism
  • * I trust the process of labour + birth
  • * My work is trauma informed
  • * I believe supporting families has revolutionary power
  • * My values are love, connection and openness.
  •  If you feel called to connect, please e-mail hanlmmni@gmail.com. I’d love to speak with you.





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