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Welcome to Conscious Birthing, the hub for Doula Training, Doula Services and Mentorship - Welcome video

Conscious Birthing is a holistic practice, bringing learning and advocacy into the heart and soul of this work. We offer a practical, physical, spiritual, emotional and knowledge-based Doula Service, Mentorship and Educational Platform.


The Conscious Birthing ethos is grounded in radical roots and intuitive wisdom, a deep trust and honouring of birth, bringing ancient techniques together with advocacy, empowerment and evidence-based research.
Conscious Birthing Doulas are unbiased and non-judgemental and we understand and trust the process of pregnancy, giving birth and newly parenting. Conscious Birthing Doulas support your decisions and then stand by your pregnancy, birth and new parenting choices, wherever and however you choose. It’s your story.

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Our Doula training and Mentorship pathways are steeped in the oral tradition of storytelling, as we pass on the knowledge of decades of experience, bringing Doula scenarios to life.
At Conscious Birthing, we firmly believe in reflective practice and are passionate about supporting you as a student Birthkeeper and beyond, as you craft your own practice. Conscious Birthing Doula training and Mentorship guides you to see more clearly what it is you uniquely bring, then we fill your Doula bag with knowledge, wisdom, tools and more.


We pride ourselves at Conscious Birthing on our Doula training ethos; blending traditional and alternative models with radical self-care, self-enquiry, robust advocacy with compassionate practice.

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