Lianne Marion-May

Areas Covered
Bristol and the South West

Thank you for coming onto this page to get to know me a little more, I'm Lianne, a Conscious Birthing Doula, Birthkeeper and Artist. 

I believe birth to be a deeply transformation journey, and make space for you during pregnancy, birth & postnatal to feel held, safe and trusting of your innate ability to birth. I work with you on an emotional, spiritual, physical and informational level so you feel fully supported for your birth. I strive for my relationship with each family to be very unique and open, providing as much personalized information as I can. I take time to continuously support you one-on-one by understanding your story, believing in your birth preferences and protecting your birth wishes/space.

I believe that having a Doula present for your birth invokes the feminine archetype of the crone; the mother of the tribe, the protection, the wise elderly woman. As a maiden I strive to channel this energy into my time with you by embracing a deep respect towards the ‘wisdom women’ and their knowledge whilst channelling a fresh maiden energy into the Birthkeeper experience. I hope to guide the deep wisdom of past generations into our conscious journeys.

I'm a very creative soul who grew up connected to Mother Earth & through this learnt that trusting ourselves as women is the most potent support one can receive. I aspire to hold you as you reconnect to your inner knowledge & trust in the powerful journey of birth.

We all have beautiful bodies that do absolutely incredible things and I aim to give you the support to feel empowered in your own birth.

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