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Hello, I’m Kate and I’m the founder of Conscious Birthing and a mother of 2 adult children. I’ve been a Doula since 1995 and am deeply passionate about supporting you on your journey to an empowered birth.

I believe in working closely with your partner when appropriate, to ensure they’re on board and feeling confident in how to best support. I work with partners, not attempting to replace them (unless that’s their request)!

I’m a strong advocate for your emergent family and see birth as a magical rite of passage, which is too often rudely interrupted. It’s my intention to help you claim your inherent right to fully inhabit this experience, peacefully. To enjoy it, not endure it.

I have absolute faith in physiological birth and a wide set of experiences, resources and knowledge around how best to support you towards having a calm birth. I can also help you prepare for or experience a more medicalised birth, and support you in navigating through the complex process of decision making in a more compromised scenario.

I’m experienced in supporting homebirth/waterbirth/freebirth/hospital/Caesarean (bellybirth) and MLU birth. I’m a trained Trauma Informed and responsive caregiver, and a Mental Health First Aider.

I’m currently living between Bristol, Glastonbury and Spain and so I offer a ‘Pocket Doula’ service. This brings you a direct, digital connection with me, for your convenience and support. I offer online antenatal workshops, bespoke sessions and birth story debriefing.

Please contact me directly with your questions. Looking forward to hearing from you!



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