Phillipa Cresswell

Areas Covered
Birmingham and Solihull

You deserve a pregnancy, birth and postnatal period that is transformational. That is your right and
it is my honour to walk with you while you claim it.

My name is Phillipa, I am a Mum of two beautifully different babes who humble and teach me on a
daily basis. Before becoming a doula and infant feeding peer supporter I worked as a social worker
for over 12 years. Through this I have witnessed pregnancy, birth and parenthood at it’s most
challenging and traumatic. But working in the Local Authority has not allowed me to serve families in
the way I felt called to. When I came across the role of the doula as part of my own ante natal
preparation I instinctively knew that this was the space I was meant to be. My heart is in the birth
room and with new parents. Holding and nurturing families as they are born and reborn; setting
strong foundations for positive generational cycles, shining a light on some of the gaps in
mainstream care and education for the childbearing year and supporting families to fill them,
becoming truly informed and confident in their choices. I will champion you every step of the way.
I fundamentally believe in physiological birth and your ability to birth your baby but I won’t make
promises about what will be, at it’s core birth remains a mystery and your experience will be unique.
But a positive experience comes from being heard, respected, informed and an intuitive and
instinctive knowing of what is right for you and your baby. That, I will promise you, is within your gift
and together we can discuss how. Most importantly you need to know that my care is offered the
same way wherever and however you choose to birth or whatever unexpected direction your birth
might take.

Whatever your situation, however unique your circumstances you will find a welcoming, judgement
and agenda free space with me. My goal is to provide inclusive, culturally humble care and I am
always trying to grow in how I show up for the many diverse groups of people who want or need
doula support.

At a time when reproductive rights feel political even here in the UK please know that I am here for
you at any stage and for any decision. If you decide to take the fiercely personal decision to release a
pregnancy for any reason at all then you should have access to respectful and loving care, I want to
offer you that.

Those experiencing the heartbreak of loss, at any stage, may not feel the support they want or need
is available to them or may not even be able to articulate what they need. Doula support is for you,
let me be there to provide you with comfort and practical care in your grief and to honour you, your
pregnancy and your baby.

Whether this is your first or last pregnancy or one in between, whether you are an experienced birth
worker or know nothing about pregnancy and birth my care has something to offer. I am adaptable
to your specific needs and I welcome a chat however tentative or unsure you might be in wanting to
hire a doula. In a fast paced modern society where individuality is often placed above community
new parents often find themselves without a ‘village’ but I would love to be part of reforming yours.



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