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Welcome. I am Mariana, a Trauma Informed Doula, passionate about the intricacies of the Spirit Mind and Body. I am called to support, guide and empower women to come to your essence, to help free your mind of limiting thoughts and beliefs, to face any emotions and inner conflicts and to liberate your body of trauma and pain.


I seek to demystify childbirth and to inspire women to connect deeply to baby’s soul during this ancient rite of passage. I support you to learn to ride the waves of sensations of labour and listen to the wisdom of women who birthed before us. By connecting to the spirit of Mother Nature we can release and surrender to the life force within, gifting ourselves with the most beautiful, sacred and unique birth, no matter what the outcome. Because birth is always a transformative rite of passage.


 I work by weaving the ancient wisdom of Yoga, as I am a certified Kundalini/ Hatha Yoga Teacher as well as Pre and Post Natal Yoga Teacher. In these classes we will connect with everything that is happening inwards and through movement, breathing techniques and meditation. 

We will create the strength and flexibility as well as the softness, openness and awareness in your physical, mental and spiritual body that will assist you during birth. In addition, 


I am a Karam Kriya Consultant, a type of therapy which unfolds through a healthy conversation that goes deeper in a particular situation or a combination of events, guided by the science and intelligence of the numbers, where we will go negotiate change to bring clarity and consciousness into your life. 


 My service includes working with Aromatherapy and Homeopathy and offering Mother Blessing Ceremonies, to welcome and support you into your upcoming birth journey. 

I also offer Closing of the Bones- a Postpartum Ritual which helps you close both the energetic and spiritual body from this life transformative event of gestating and giving birth. 

 My services are delivered with care, love and commitment, holding a subtle and transformative space for you to fully ‘be’ and express yourself, so you can have a birth aligned with your deepest values and ethics. 


 I work in Croatia and as a ‘Pocket Doula’, meaning that I can support and assist your birth remotely. Contact me if you would like to speak further and explore the possibility of me being your Doula. 


 Email me at: or via WhatsApp +447481545414



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