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Established Birth and Postnatal Doula: Welcome, I’m Nova.

I offer families support through Holistic Therapy, Children’s care, Foster Care, and more recently-through pregnancy, birth, and beyond as a Doula.

For the last twenty years I’ve worked in service to people and planet offering full circle wholistic care and compassionate companionship for life’s biggest transitions. 

Seeing each birth as revolutionary, I’m devoted to supporting parents to birth and raise children intuitively and organically-however that may look for them.

I believe when birth is protected and respected as a sacred right of passage, women have the confidence to create the birth experience they want to have.

Through doula care I offer a safe space for families to explore their relationship with birth, and lean in towards resources that hold and honour what matters most about it. 

With a combination of therapy elements that support the wellbeing of our whole being, combined with a flexible and adaptable approach, an understanding environment is nurtured where all is welcome.I believe women grounding their roots into what feels right, comfortable, and safe, tap into their innate birthing wisdom and highest power.

Mothers creating life from this place seed positive new world potentials not only for the way we birth, but for how our society and our children treat women and Earth.

With deeper insight and more tools, we as caregivers gift children the opportunity to blossom and flourish throughout their lives, and encourage them to become the next generation of regenerative beings growing up to be healthy, well and wise.

By welcoming in rich resources and empowering restorative remedy, I find my way to support the vitally important story of birth and children’s welfare. 

My practice is informed and guided by ongoing training and experience in a wide range of Holistic Therapies, Conscious Birthing’s Trauma Informed Doula course, Doulas Without Borders volunteering, and my maternal role as Foster carer.

I look forward to continuing to light the way for positive births, and to supporting each of us to grow to become cherished and important ancestors of the next generation. 

Nova Sól






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