Rosie Ali


Hello, hej & Marhaba! 

My name is Rosie and I live in Nottingham. I grew up in Sweden and moved to the UK ten years ago. My greatest joy is being a mother to my adventurous little girl. Those who know me describe me as perceptive, caring, passionate and calm. I am always striving to learn and grow, through experiences and self-reflection. My professional background is in Psychology, specifically trauma work, compassion focused therapy & mindfulness. 

My aim is to work together to cultivate a positive and strong mindset surrouding pregnancy, birth & parenthood through reflection, relaxation and self-compassion exercises. In addition, I provide practical, emotional & informational support in order to help you not only prepare but also enjoy the journey to parenthood. 

My hope is to be a source of encouragement for your dreams and visions. I value sensitivity and gentleness in my work, recognising that each person brings their own unique life experiences to the table. I strongly believe that no matter your circumstances, we can together work for you to have a mindful experience in pregnancy, birth and early parenthood. 

I offer personalised birth packages as well as postnatal packages. Get in touch and we can have chat about how I can support you and your family in the best way. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

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