Student birth and postnatal Doula: "My name is Navrup Kaur and I am a mother of four little humans. Each of my births have been different and every experience has allowed me to build the confidence to grow into my purpose as a doula.

I have experienced Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), group strep b, gestational diabetes, emergency caesarean section, induction and also, completely natural and undisturbed births also. Whilst this can seem like a lot, there are way through challenges in birth and want mothers-to-be to connect with this message. We are divine warriors with the power to get through anything.

I have a desire to share my knowledge and practice with mothers so they can experience the beautiful and euphoric feeling of birth of which I have been blessed with.

My passion is to support mothers to connect with their experience of growing and birthing their child with a spiritual and universal connection of oneness. I truly believe that the mother knows exactly what to do for their child, they just need guidance, support, love and room to come into this space. I am here to provide this... with a listening ear, calming energy and some laughter too".

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