Michelle Matheson

 Established Birth Doula: “Pregnancy, birth and postpartum is a time in a woman’s life when vulnerability and empowerment converge. It is a potent experience of transformation of her inner world, an unveiling of her deepest sense of self, and a mysterious portal to unseen guiding wisdom that supports her path through motherhood. With this knowing, a woman’s birth experience is precious to me and to share in the journey of her baby is an immense privilege.

My approach as a holistic doula is to be of service from the heart, guided by my intuition and profound trust in the wisdom and intelligence of women’s bodies. I offer grounded presence for a woman’s unique story to unfold in a supported, nourished and empowered way. I believe in deeply listening and faithfully holding a woman’s intention, anchored by my knowing that her instinct has been perfectly crafted by nature for this sacred process. I’m based in Walthamstow Village in East London.

To connect and learn more about me, please contact me via michelle.matheson.doula@outlook.com or 07721 570 247.”



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