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Hello! I'm Jerry, a mentored doula from Wrexham, North Wales where I live with my husband and our 5 amazing children which we home educate.

Once I birthed my first born 11 years ago, I knew I wanted to help women transition through birth. I knew midwifery wasn't my path, but didn't know any other route. Then, when late into my pregnancy with my second I discovered a doula. And I knew that was my calling. I made the decision for finish my family first, so fast forward 9 years (and 3 more kids) and I finally became a qualified doula with Kate Woods.

My passion is empowered, positive birthing. Sometimes that could come in the form of a free birth, others a well informed cesarean. I believe each birth is unique and my main focus is supporting you and your family to feel heard, prepared, informed and positive about the process, whether it be your first or even 6th birth.

I am a trauma informed doula, so I am there to support you through any struggles you have surrounding birth or past experiences that might arise around the pregnancy, birth or postnatally.

My own/children's births range, having had fully medicated hospital births to drug free home births, so I feel well adapted to supporting women and their choices. And having doulas present for my last 3 births, I can safely say from my experience, they are a vital support.

I am also a trained re-evaluation counsellor which has enabled me to build skills with children through play counselling. This is a wonderful tool when helping siblings adjust to the any new addition.

Along with that, I am qualified in my plant spirit medicine healing (year 1) which I can incorporate into my services. I have organised mothers blessings, encapsulated placentas and placenta smoothies, made balms, oils and salts for birthing women which are all available.

My services range from a full package to, prenatally or postnatally only. Whatever works best for you!

Please feel free to call, text, whatsapp or email me to discuss further or arrange a zoom or face to face meet.

My services cover an hours radius from Penley, Wrexham.

Jerry Horton - 07934090546



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