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Student Birth Doula. “Hi I’m Kate and I’m English, originally from London but I now I live in Ibiza. I’ve been fascinated by birth since I was a little girl and used to sit watching births on TV.  Little did I know this would be an indication of my chosen path. I am a yoga teacher I have been teaching since 2010, I trained in pre & post natal yoga in 2012 in London. I love teaching and connecting with mums and then meeting the babies and welcoming them to mummy and baby yoga and seeing them blossom and grow. I always say when I teach, ‘mothers have much wisdom within them’ as a yoga teacher I am just reminding them what they already know, that all of that ancestral knowledge is there, it’s just waiting to be ignited in birth. I love to serve and empower mothers, we sing and dance, flow and connect to our babies and for me, my role as a Doula is an extension of this flow.

I am also a massage therapist and I’m trained in both pregnancy and labour massage (which will now be very useful). It is truly magical to be able to offer soothing support and relaxation. I love essential oils and diffuse and use oils to calm, relax during my classes also during my treatments. I would like to introduce the safe use of oils to soothe & comfort in pregnancy & labour to my clients.

I do not have my own children and do not feel this is my path, I feel that my calling in life is to support and serve other women, it makes me feel great. This is a new journey for me I feel I´m ready and excited to start it & empower women to birth their babies consciously having the knowledge, tools and support they need”. Email Kate at: kateyoga10@yahoo.co.uk



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