Cassandra Rosa

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Southwest UK

Established Birth and Postnatal Doula. Bristol. 'I was drawn to the role of Doula out of my great respect for pregnancy and birth, viewing this time as a sacred rite-of-passage where women have the opportunity to connect with their power, let go of that which no longer serves them and embrace their beautifully designed bodies. I believe that childbirth is life-changing for all concerned and that the way a child enters this world can have a significant effect upon the unfolding of their lives. Whether at home or in hospital, I care deeply and feel passionately about supporting families during this time.

I have supported home, birth centre and hospital births within the UK. I also have experience working on labour wards at a number of public hospitals in Honduras. Here I assisted Dar a Luz, a beautiful grass roots charity working tirelessly to improve maternity services throughout Honduras. I am constantly inspired by the power of intention and positive action. 

In my role as Doula I aim to nourish, inform and empower you, so that you can be courageously present with what is and make informed personal choices. I will draw upon massage therapy, pregnancy yoga, naturopathic nutrition, rebozo, birth art, herbal guidance and post natal services such as closing the bones ceremonies, yoga and baby moon support. I will listen and get to know you, providing focused care during your journey into parenthood. 

I offer a free introductory meet-up for us to decide whether we would like to work with each other. I also offer individual Massage Therapy, Pregnancy Yoga or Naturopathic Nutritional sessions.

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