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From a young age, I have been interested in the care of children and I have naturally found a way with them. I spent my time learning about natural aspects of life, heath and wellness and communication. My goal has always been to work with and support women in their womanhood journey and now motherhood!

I have found myself growing toward the birthing community and it’s a positive source of support and guidance for me personally. I have a good rapport with people and my care for children shows up in my chosen method of communication with others. 

I am currently developing my skills and resources so others can have the birth they dreamed of-as a positive start on the journey of motherhood. 


Packages I can offer for you currently in postnatal support are:


A ‘welcome home mum’ package:

Light chores and internet errands such as: 

Shopping, arranging appointments, liaising with official channels on your behalf where necessary

Cooking and freezing / labelling basic meals and a General tidy-up around living space.

Compassionate care that I will provide is a form of non-judgemental empathic listening to you, 

Creating an action-point care plan for fourth trimester recovery and supporting you with bonding with baby ideas.

Popping to the shops, to pick up goodies like magazines and other treats.

Self-care & Wellness and prioritised.


Welcome home Gift basket: I can provide a gift basket to pamper you during your special time.


Lastly-Amateur photography for your family.

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