Anna Morton

Anna Morton

Established Birth Doula:

Hi, my name is Anna. I have 3 kids and I live in West Oxfordshire.

I have been passionate about birth since I got pregnant with my first child, 13 years ago. I believe strongly in an individual's right to choose the place and way in which they give birth and I wish to offer my service as a doula to support them in this. I see birth as a sacred act, a rite of passage, however we choose to go about it, it is the threshold into a new stage of our lives. Every birth adds to a woman’s journey and life story, and I believe in the importance of holding their space of birth, in order for this part of their story to be as empowering and positive as possible. To me being a doula is essentially about trust and about love: being a keeper of these throughout pregnancy, birth and postnatally. I wish to support people in finding the trust in themselves to claim their birth stories and help hold the love in the room, so that they can unfold into it, feeling safe and supported throughout.

I have a background in Ayurveda, particularly in postnatal practices of caring for the mother and restoring the digestive fire and vitality; and I offer Reiki and Indian Head Massage. I also run women’s wellness workshops and circles, which focus on women’s menstrual cycle awareness and the connections between the different stages of our life cycle and the cycles of nature. I find all of these practices are really nourishing and supportive throughout the journey of pregnancy and birth.
If you are living in Oxfordshire and would like to talk more about how I could support you as a doula, I would love to hear from you. Thanks Anna X



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