Isabella Smith

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Established Postnatal Doula: "My story as a postpartum Doula started when I gave birth to my daughter and had my partner and my sister by my side. After that I felt a calling and trained with Conscious Birthing in November 2018. 

Since I was a little girl I was always helping with babies and loved being involved with newborn’s care. However becoming a new mother, changed my perspective on a postpartum period and the importance of the healing process, care and support a new mum needs. In the modern western culture, we put so much emphasis on the pregnancy and the birth itself and then on newborn’s care, that a mother is somehow forgotten in the process.

In my postpartum Doula role, my passion for nutrition, psychology, women and baby care comes together to offer a unique set of skills. I aim to support new mother to recover, heal and the most important of all: to listen to her heart and wisdom she holds within. The fourth trimester is a wonderful time for the new family and I would love to be part of it by providing emotional support, breastfeeding support and an extra pair of hands with anything you need help with. 

I am also a member of Scottish Doula Network and I speak Polish and English.

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