Christine Ivory

Areas Covered

Student Birth and Postnatal Birth Doula: “As a mother of three and grandmother of five (so far!!) my aim is to support you and your family so that you may have a positive birth story, leaving a memory that will both remind you and make you feel proud of the amazing capacity of the female body. I am available for a package of support bespoke to your needs....including any combination of through pregnancy, birth and into the postpartum period. My aim is to help inform and support your choices, to support your partner and family and to provide practical help. "Mothering the mother" is a phrase that I particularly adhere to, possibly due to my 'Nanna Doula' status!!  I can also perform a Closing the Bones ceremony after the baby is born....which can be a beautiful and spiritual "closure" to your birth.”

I cover Oxfordshire and surrounding areas. Contact Christine at:



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