Amy Fairbrother

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Northwest England

Established Birth Doula. Sale, Cheshire: “I am Amy and I live in Sale. I have no children yet but am completely obsessed with birth! Not having given birth myself, I don't have a story that led me to this line of work, it just called to me - it's what I am supposed to do. I originally wanted to be a midwife, being obsessed with all things birth it seemed like the natural way to go. However, on a maternity placement as an apprentice healthcare support worker, I realised that with the staff pressures and protocols that need to be followed for hospitals to function, although midwives do a fantastic and unique job, it wasn't exactly the role I had in mind. That being said, it did not put me off - being present at different kinds of amazing births was inspirational, and just increased my interest in finding the right role! I wanted to find a role where I'd be able to create a bond with a pregnant woman and her family, and be there for her throughout the whole experience as their support. I heard about Doulas through an American TV show originally, and when I looked into the role and what it involved, it blew my mind - this was what I'm meant to do. I am incredibly passionate about empowering women and their families, and doing whatever I can to help them have the birth experience they want, and preparing them to take on any challenges along the way. Through hearing about my sister's birth experiences, I know that it can be a scary place if unexpected things pop up - but if she'd have had a Doula, having that friendly face would have made a massive difference. I believe that birth is beautiful and that every woman should have the chance to make their child's birth a positive experience. I want to be a part of making that possible!” Contact Amy at:



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