Alice Irving

An excellent overview of the both the factual material and attitudinal issues involved in Doulaing. The information pack is really comprehensive and full of some really useful reference material. I was impressed with how much detail we were able to pack in over the five days without feeling rushed. I learned some great skills and deepened my knowledge and understanding of the physiological process of birth, as well as current medical practices. Over and above the practical learning, what made this course special was the approach to the personal journey and role of the Doula. Questions around managing oneself, one's relationship with one's client, staying calm and present throughout the most difficult and challenging circumstances were managed wisely and were ever present in the room, permeating the whole training.

Crystal Jack

Attending the Conscious Birthing doula training course in was nothing short of transformational for me. I could tell from day one that this experience would be so much more than completing a Doula UK requirement. The…intimate connection with fellow birth workers, and Kate’s natural ability to hold space for deep healing — every moment was exceptional and far beyond anything I could have imagined! We sat in circle as sisters — laughing, crying, learning, releasing, and fully preparing ourselves to serve women with great knowledge, compassion, patience, and open hearts. I would highly recommend Conscious Birthing doula training to anyone wanting to fully immerse themselves into the magic of becoming a doula. Don’t forget to bring your journal — you’ll need it!

Sophie Grindlay

This course is very special ~ Kate is an fantastic & intuitive teacher who has an amazing amount to offer you as a student. The course is delivered full of heart & soul, with so much openness. 
Kate's knowledge & experience is incredible. I loved every minute of it! I feel very lucky that life led me down this wee path to this course last week. Thank you so much Kate!!!

Gabrielle Hogg

The conscious birthing training week has been extremely insightful, informative and beautifully held. As I discovered on the first day, learning to be a doula is not simply about gathering knowledge. It’s about sharing and emptying past experiences and trauma. It’s about discovering your unique abilities and recognising where you may be challenged. All so that we may honour the birthing persons choices in an unbiased way. All deep and intricate things. Daisy has helped us all manoeuvre these things in a safe environment whilst maintaining the focus on knowledge based teaching. Daisy has also given each of us individual confidence in ourselves. I came to this course feeling inept, nervous and pretty scared of the choice I had made. I’m leaving it feeling confident, keen to embark on this journey and eager to delve into all the resources available to me through this course.

Dr. Atilla Jonas

Fantastic course which offered a real insight into the birth process - how it was before modern medicine came to poke its nose into everything...Thanks for the experience!

Georgie Watson

Words cannot explain the true value of the Conscious Birthing Doula Training. Everyday the course brought more to the table, educationally and emotionally. I have never felt more part of a sisterhood than with my fellow students and of course Kate. Seeing the role of a Doula through Kate’s eyes was simply inspirational

Carol Chamberlain

A week of 'Awakening' at Paddington Farm on the Conscious Birthing Doula Course. Felt incredibly held by ‘Kate Woods our facilitator who guided us through a journey of reflection and self~awareness.Kate shared her immense bowl of Doula knowledge from her 20 years of experience with love and laughter.I feel I have discovered within me a strength and an energy that I never knew existed and that its just ok to be myself! It was a privilege to share this journey with a wonderful group of like~minded women. Looking forward now to using the rich learning and supporting families into new beginnings!'

Kate Algar

I think from the reviews posted it goes without saying that Kate holds a special gift in sharing and teaching her Doula knowledge. An amazing experience in itself that I now feel confident in offering my support as an intelligent tea-drinker to my future clients. But far more than this is the life lessons that exude from her teachings. Her ability to share with integrity, warmth and just being, Kate is a lesson for us all. All wrapped up with fun, laughter and great humour ....a pure blessing. If you feel 'doulaing' is the way to go, this course is a must. Enjoy the journey!

Amber Strong

You can't NOT learn from Kate, she exudes passion, strength and knowledge, and is generous enough to share it with us. I learnt on every level, and grew more mentally, physically and emotionally every day. I started to become a better person, as well as gain a greater understanding of how to offer the best I could as a Doula. This course offers so much more than just training - it empowers, uplifts and celebrates. I would do it every week if I could! 


Thank you again for the life changing course Samsara, your energy and approach were wonderful. I really can't imagine having started this journey with another doula or group.

Eva Bay Greenslade

I did Conscious Birthing Doula training with Samsara in Brighton. I am so pleased I did it. It was an intense week of learning and gave me confidence and a greater understanding of the doula role that I didn't have before. It gave me confidence to know that I could be a doula. Samsara was a wonderful teacher, providing a safe nurturing motherly space for us to learn, she was experienced, full of wisdom and knowledgeable. The happiness I felt through having been on the course has since spread through my family at home too. 
If you fancy a Doula course, I thoroughly recommend it.


A relaxed and open environment in which to learn. The dense content of the course was offset beautifully by opportunities for self-reflection and open discussion.

Elise Timmers

WOW! I came out of this training feeling positively energised, knowledgeable about the body functions during birth and how hormones interracted. My world has changed, I have total faith in the woman's body and I feel confident to go out there and be someone else's doula.

Huge thanks to Kate for making me feel so welcome and for parting with such emotional intelligence as well as practical knowledge. Amazing. I sure will take this with me wherever / whenever I attend a birth. Thank you.


I now have an insight into a doula's knowledge, and the relationship between a doula and her clients. As a midwife I feel it is vital to understand a doula and her knowledge to be able to give the best combined care to a woman. However the best part of the course was being able to reconnect with holistic care, learning remedies and techniques I was previously unaware of and would not have learned in my training. To know that all natural techniques have been tried before moving into medical ones will give me greater peace of mind, and most importantly, the best care possible for a woman in labour.


I loved your passion Kate..and that you shared your wisdom from you, not syphoned from a training rhetoric.



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