Lucy Hamilton

Areas Covered
Surrey and outskirts. (Please call to discuss)
Central and SW London

Student Birth Doula: "I have three little girls who are beginning to understand how their bodies work and how they need to nurture  and love themselves. I encourage them to question and to explore alternative learning opportunities.

I am aware that I was brought up by a generation where bodily functions were little talked about, let alone understood. Some of us are conditioned into just trusting what we are told without question and sometimes unconsciously give our power and choice away without thought, perhaps as we don’t recognise that it is ours in the first place.

With this in mind, I have embarked on a fascinating journey of discovery, where I am understanding what it takes for women to allow their bodies to do what they were designed to do.

I am here to help you explore the possibilities available to you. I will support you with finding up-to-date and accurate information about pregnancy and birth, while providing you with essential continuity of care where you can use me as a sounding board, while you are becoming educated about what your options are.

I have had extensive positive experiences with using homeopathy for family and friends and have greatly benefited from its application personally. It can help in setting up a calm confident and fearless state, which in turn can support physiological birth where possible and empowerment generally.

I also have experience of aromatherapy being used to support birth which I believe can have a valuable place.

I have practiced yoga for many years and where this helps physically it can also help mentally to prepare the mind, so I’m an advocate of simple yoga and relaxation in pregnancy.
Alongside this, I believe that having an understanding of simple mindfulness techniques can really prepare a woman with a choice of tools required for the birth. Inspired by the application of some of these techniques, I would like to support you in making your own positive choices, with what might help you in finding your own power to have the birth that you dare to imagine is possible.

I am relaxed and communicative, proactive and fun. As a mentored Holistic Doula I am in a privileged position to be able to support you on your journey, while in turn being supported on my journey by very wise and experienced Doulas who have cared for many in their own work.

I look forward to listening to you.  Contact me at: or 07904155795



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