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East London

Hi, I’m Elin, a birth and postnatal doula based in Walthamstow, East London. I’m
Swedish but have been living in London for almost 25 years now. I love the
community spirit of Walthamstow and also that we are only a few minutes walk
away from Epping Forest. I’m a mother to three children and a dog.

My experience of becoming a mother was so transformative and totally
influenced my calling to become a doula. Motherhood can be a lonely place and I
know how important it is to have other people around to support, all the way
from pregnancy, birth to help create a calm, reassuring environment to post
birth when adjusting to the new role as a mother and establishing breastfeeding.

I completed my course with Kate Woods at Conscious Birthing in June 2022 and
it was such an enlightening experience covering everything in and around
childbirth, evidence based and informative, to trauma informed and holistic care
including natural techniques in pain management and remedies.

I will have a listening ear, offer practical and emotional support, discuss options
for your baby’s birth and assist in writing a birth plan, as well as making sure
that your wishes are being listened and adhered to throughout. I will be a
calming and positive element with some laughter too!

I’m committed to hold space for you, and help you trust your body. I’m an
advocate for breastfeeding and can help you but should you choose not to I can
assist with finding the best option as well.

I am absolutely passionate about women having empowered births to get the
birth they want and nurturing self trust and confidence. I will commit to support
you on your journey regardless of how you choose to birth.

I’m standing by and ready to be alongside you for the incredible journey!

Contact me on:
07868 731127



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