Rowena Tebbutt

Areas Covered
Bristol and the South West

Student Birth Doula: "I believe that when we feel truly supported, properly listened to and totally in our power, we are capable of amazing things.

Childbirth is a transformational journey. It can heal, it can uplift and it can show us how incredibly strong we are.

Much as every person is unique, I believe every woman’s journey through pregnancy and birth should be unique.

She should feel confident in the decisions she needs to make. Feel beautiful in her growing and changing body. And feel safe in the warmth and comfort of those around her.

Working with women and their families on this journey is my passion.

To give them the tools that are uniquely right for them. To work through the worries they carry that are uniquely theirs. To hold the space for a birth that is beautifully and perfectly right for them, their child and their growing family.

I am a mother of one, and my own birth journey taught me so much about the confidence that comes from being well-informed and well supported. How important it is to be listened to in a caring, non-judgmental space. How our partners can play an intrinsic role in this experience and how immensely powerful we women really are. Childbirth was life changing for me and this is the reason I became a Doula (currently student).

I am dedicated to ensuring the families I work with feel knowledgeable, confident and joyful as they welcome their bundle of love into this world.

Please get in touch if you have any questions. Contact me at 07792289468"



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