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Tracey Williamson, Established Birth Doula. 'Hey congratulations on your pregnancy and your choice to seek the support of a Doula on your amazing journey and thank you so much for reading my profile.

I am a mum of 2 beautiful daughters born 11 years apart. My eldest daughter has graced me with 4 amazing grandchildren. Of which, I was present at 3 of their births. I live outside Rochdale so can cover all Greater Manchester and beyond roughly one hours travel away

A very practical mum and grandma always thinking ahead..organisation is my middle name; I will have every corner covered!

I have 23 years work experience with children and their families to bring to my role as a Doula. I have a breadth of knowledge and experience of different kinds of families and relationships. I have an awareness and experience of working with people who have suffered trauma in their lives and the impact this can have. I have experience of working with issues of mental health, domestic abuse, substance use/addictions, surrogacy and adoption.

My passion around birth started some 26 years ago when preparing for my second birth. My best friend was with me and filmed my birth; I suppose she was my Doula. Since then I have been interested and fascinated with everything around pregnancy and birth. My personal circumstances will now allow me to immerse myself and share my passion for the beautiful and most natural event in nature; that of birth and everything related.

I trained with Conscious Birthing and completed both their birth and post-natal Doula programme. This gave me the opportunity to reconnect with my deep passion and desire around birth. The course was invigorating and stimulating on so many levels; intellectually and emotionally, I found it a deeply moving and life changing moment in my life to realise… deep passion for everything birth!

I will draw on my life experience, training, and resources to build your trust in me. I will walk alongside you with no judgement of the choices and decisions you make – you and your wishes are at the centre of how we will work together. I will support and empower you to follow your instincts and intuition so that you may have a positive birth story. 

I am happy to support any kind of couple/family or single parent/Queer/surrogate/adopters wanting to lactate.

I am keen and enthusiastic about nutrition, use of herbs and aromatherapy to assist and heal the body during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I will prepare Sitz baths with healing herbs for your tender spots post birth!


Pre-birth sessions will include talking all things BIRTH. Your dreams and ideals and any fears. Your options of where/how you can give birth.

• We will discuss comfort measures in labour; you may already have an idea what you want but we will explore other trusted and helpful techniques.

• We will start to create your birth intentions and I will support you to develop your birth plans. We will go over practical preparations for birth and may be practice some positions.

I will be ‘on call’ and available for you for 4 weeks around your due date. I will support you in early labour and be present at your birth where possible, depending on where you are birthing and the current Covid restrictions.


I am passionate about the ‘Forth Trimester’ to care and nurture the mother/birthing person to rest and recuperate and bond with your baby. This tradition is practiced in many cultures around the world but sadly not so much in the UK.

The post-partum period is often overlooked but this is a time when lots of new parents struggle the most. As part of my Birth Package I will visit you twice within the first week (preferably the next day) to support with any difficulties you may have. Additional support visits can be added for an additional fee.

My Post Birth Doula package will include me preparing nourishing foods using herbs that support the postpartum period recovery; Womb massage, to help the uterus to heal and return to its position. I will look after the new mumma and complete practical tasks to enable your partner to join in the bonding and care of the baby. If needed I can provide overnight care for your baby in your home to enable you to rest and recuperate.

I can support with infant feeding and have completed the ‘Peer Breastfeeding Supporter’ training with Every Birth Matters to assist with breast feeding post birth. This will help to identify any problems and signpost to further support should you need it.

I have a current clear DBS check and car Insurance for work purposes.

Please visit my website for more details of my Doula support packages, areas covered and what I offer. Email at:



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