Polly Mehta

Polly Mehta
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North East London

"I was drawn to the work of a doula after my first Successful VBAC, I followed up on this after the birth of my second son.The feeling of empowerment that I felt after these two births are something I would so love to help nurture in other women throughout their pregnancy, birth, and post-natal journeys. I believe that feeling empowered and supported throughout our pregnancy and, significantly so, throughout our labours and births, gives us the best start from which to begin to nurtureours and our families’ relationships with our new-born babies.

I have experienced the joy and strength that come from births in which I have I have felt autonomous and heard, and the effects of a first birth where this was not the case. It is from this that I approach my doula practice knowing how our birth stories can have lasting impacts.

I look forward to working with women and their families in an open and honest way, with a clear focus to empower them, by listening and supporting, throughout.

Please get in touch if you would like to have a chat, I would love to see if we could work together through your journey".



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