Kizzy Petit


Student Postnatal Doula. ‘Hi, I am Kizzy, which means “Stillness; be at peace”. I live with my family in East Grinstead after moving to the UK from Venezuela in 2014. I used to be a Marketing lecturer back in my country, where I worked in the business sector for ten years. Following that, I became a Mother. 

Since I gave birth, I experienced a paradigm shift and learnt to listen to my soul’s desires and to follow my own excitement. After having embraced my own birthing story, I had a calling to become a Doula. I have completed two training courses: Paramana Doula (with Dr. Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers) and Conscious Birthing (where I got my certification by the loving guide of Samsara Doula).

I am a calm and supportive person, willing to serve and to transmit positive and peaceful energies to those who are with me. I am a breastfeeding and babywearing advocate and a faithful practitioner of the gentle parenting style. I speak Spanish and English.

My philosophy is to offer you a conscious guide, a non-judgemental listening ear and a warm heart, because every mum deserves a Postpartum Doula’. Contact me at: or on 07463959567



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