Eli Tersou

Student Birth Doula: 'I was guided to the Doula path by what felt like coincidences, but now realise was answering a calling. Growing up with two much younger siblings and finding ourselves with absent parents during my tender teenage years, I naturally stepped in to a care taking role of my brother and sister, as well as the household. It felt both natural and challenging, gifting me with a glimpse of understanding of nurturing, responsibility and motherhood.

Later on, I found the space to embark on a spiritual journey that had me revisiting my own birth story, my connection to my mother and ancestry, and how that has shaped who I am today. It opened my eyes to the sacredness and importance of birth both for mother and child and how it can be a transformative and healing experience. It showed me the path to heal my relationships with the feminine and empowered me to take on training as a Birth Doula. 

The training at Conscious Birthing highlighted that in today's landscape, birthers lack appropriate support in their pregnancy, births and postnatal journeys. I believe all birthers should feel empowered in all their decisions, whatever these may look like, and the current healthcare system doesn't have the capability to cater for this fundamental right.

My practice is advocacy driven, trauma informed and guided by ongoing research. I am also undergoing different training in healing modalities and volunteer with Doulas Without Borders. 

As a Doula my mission is to offer my clients a safe space to feel empowered to voice needs, desires and concerns. I aim to support my clients in diving into their own birth stories, and tap into the resources that resonate most with them, as to set themselves up to realise their preferred birthing outcomes. Contact me on: 7827 811917'.



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