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I grew up in a family where birth was deeply honoured and the intuitive wisdom of women celebrated. My mother birthed us freely, outside of the system and the stories of our births were the first I was given. I held to these seeds of story, as they flourished and grew, unfurling and revealing to me, the roots of my being.

In many ways, it was a radical upbringing. My parents believed in our innate intelligence and we were encouraged to question and explore the world with curiosity. We were given true freedom over our choices and took responsibility along the way.

At the age of nine, I watched as my mother experienced a healthy, wild pregnancy, always returning to her intuition for guidance. I was then present as my younger brother was birthed into water, in our living room. I witnessed the power and confidence of my mother, trusting in her body’s wisdom as she birthed. As a young girl, this was a profound experience –  a wellspring of trust and inner knowing.

As I move through life, these experiences are always with me and I feel called to hold space for women as they walk the path of motherhood. My intention is always to bring an open heart and presence to my work; truly trusting in women as they explore their connection to their own wisdom. I believe pregnancy, birth and postpartum are a sacred journey, pulling us deep into the vortex of our inner world. I aim to create a container to hold all that arises, in the spirit of exploration and celebration.

When I’m not working with birth, I spend my days growing vegetables, herbs and flowers at a land based project. My connection to the land continues to grow and nourish me, as I learn to listen; to hear its calls and drop into its guidance. The cyclical nature of the earth inspires me into relationship with the seasons of life and the inner seasonality of the menstrual cycle. My practice draws on these teachings and holds at its centre the beautiful wild power of women and their bodies.


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