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Do I have to be a parent / to have given birth to attend any of the Courses?

No you don’t. Many of our students are non-parents, some are pregnant and some are mothers or parents. We have very mixed classes and find that each person brings a wealth of life experience, one way or another! Those who haven’t had children learn lots from listening to the stories of those who have, too. 

Are the Courses suitable for beginners?

Yes they are. Whether you choose a Birth, Postnatal or TIDE course, they’re all suitable for beginners. No previous experience is necessary, just a passion for the subject! 

Does the Birth Doula Course include some Postnatal modules?

The Birth Doula Course does include Postnatal modules

Can I choose between being a Birth or Postnatal Doula if I choose the Birth Doula or the TIDE Course?

Yes you can. The Birth and the TIDE Courses both offer access to either Birth or Postnatal models of Doula service.

Can I choose between being a Postnatal or Birth Doula if I choose the Postnatal Course?

No. The Postnatal Course is for those beginners who want to specialise in Postnatal service from the start, or for those who have already completed the Birth Doula course, who want to extend their skill set and add to their knowledge base.

Does the TIDE course include Birth and Postnatal modules?

Yes. The Trauma Informed Doula Education (TIDE) course focuses on Birth Doulaing, but covers Postnatal Doula modules too. TIDE offers another layer of learning, bringing a trauma informed and responsive practice into your Doula Toolkit.

Is the TIDE Course also a foundation Course?

Yes is still a foundational course and you don’t need any previous experience.

Is the TIDE Course Doula U.K. accredited?

Yes it is.

Can I bring my baby to an in-person Course?

We are happy to have your baby along if they’re still ‘in arms’. Once babies start to crawl, it’s too (wonderfully) distracting for everyone else! However, if your partner / friend / family member should be staying nearby and you need them to bring baby in for a feed, that’s absolutely fine.

Am I qualified as a Doula straight after the Course?

After the Course, you will be required to complete some coursework and once that’s been approved, you’re a Certified Doula, but then you’re at the start of your mentored or student Doula journey. 

Most everyone will go on up receive mentoring from either your Course facilitator, another of our Conscious Birthing Student Guides or from a Doula U.K. mentor. 

Can I join Doula U.K. but choose a Conscious Birthing mentor?

Yes you can, if your application with us is successful. 

Can I train with you and then join Doula U.K. and find a mentor through them?

Yes you can, if you gain certification on the course.



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