Ali Cashen

How do you envisage your baby’s birth will be?

My aim will be that you feel  supported, cared for and listened to. 

As a Doula, I will keep and hold your birth space to your own needs and requirements whether your choice is to be at home, in your natural surroundings or in a hospital or birth centre. 

My own birth experiences were of two wonderful home births and I believe that you too should have the opportunity to naturally follow the rhythms of your body, mind and baby to engage together so that your labour and birth outcome becomes the experience you know is within you. 

I have a calm, practical and friendly approach to life. 
I believe we are each, individually responsible for our own health and therefore our choices and decisions should be recognised and respected. 

I’m currently a mentored Birth Doula and live in Taunton. 
I run a Doula-led Birth Class -Relaxation & Conversation - on Tuesday afternoons. 
Contact me for details if you’re interested. 

I can also offer Reiki and massage. 
I have some knowledge of aromatherapy and homeopathy as I used these successfully for my own pregnancy and birth. 

Contact me for a free initial meeting so we can see how we connect together and if you would like to invite me to share your birth journey with you. 
I look forward to meeting you

Ali Cashen 



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