Student Birth Doula: 'Hello my name is Alison and I live in Tunbridge Wells with my husband, and son Leo who is 2 years old. I have felt in my bones for a while that I am here to be a Doula; and I have always been drawn to the wonder and beauty of pregnancy, and the power of birth. I believe in each woman's innate ability to give birth in her own way, and to make her own informed choices.


I will provide a listening ear, support and guidance as needed on your unique journey. I gave birth to my son in a hospital; and recognise the value of being supported to create a calm and loving space to birth your baby. To welcome each new baby in a sacred and joyful manner. I hold a deep respect for the body's natural abilities, and especially for each mother's unique wisdom and instinct. 


I am currently working as a Guided/Student Doula; do feel free to contact me. I would love to speak to you further, and explore the possibility of me becoming your Birth Doula. Email at:'



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