Justine Garratty

Student Birth Doula. “Hello, my name is Justine, l am a mother, birth keeper and grandmother. My birth keeper story started on May 2nd, 1996, at home, birthing my daughter. Somehow, even unbeknownst to me at the time a seed was planted and two years later I was training to be a midwife in Brighton working within the community supporting women antenatally, standing beside them during their births, and guiding them postnatally.

Over the last five years my fierce passion for nurturing women and their families throughout the 4th trimester has grown.

This often forgotten and hugely important time after the birth,where baby and parents are “newborn” and where the nurturing support of a Doula can truly help make this a golden time. If navigated well and held in gentleness and nurturance this can have an ongoing lasting effect on the future of a new family.

As a midwife, time and protocols inhibited the level of care l wanted to give women at this most transformative time. l had wanted to train with Conscious Birthing for the last few years, and this year in 2020, I completed my postpartum doula training with Samsara. I am now able to offer myself to support women at the deepest level.

I would be honoured to meet with you to discuss what you might need during this time, and explore in what ways you may benefit from my support”.

Contact: Justinegarratty@yahoo.com

Tel: 07812240775

Antenatal course website: Youtous.co.uk 

Doula website as from March 2021: kithand-kindoula.co.uk







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