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Hi, my name is Jess! I’m a birth & postnatal doula and antenatal educator in North Buckinghamshire. My focus is on supporting women to bring all of themselves on their journey to motherhood, empowering them with the tools and knowledge they need to feel confident and supported, wherever their journey may take them.

My care is holistic and person-centred. All of my services are inclusive, trauma-informed, LGBTQ+ friendly and neurodivergency affirming.

I am passionate about informed choice, and support births both at home and in hospitals – whatever is right for you! I believe in giving women and families the evidence-based knowledge and tools they need to make their own choices, whether that’s within the mainstream maternity care system or “birthing outside of guidelines”. I support women to bring their whole self to their pregnancy and birth experiences, maintaining their personal autonomy, and giving them the confidence to enjoy their pregnancy and birth experience as they grow into their new family.

My passion for supporting women and families through birthwork began after my own pregnancy and birth experience with my son. I began as a breastfeeding peer supporter, and I went on to study midwifery. This showed me that my heart lay with emotional and practical holistic support for women, and that I would be better placed to provide this outside the obstetric midwifery model. I left my degree in search of truly woman-centred care, and trained instead as an antenatal educator and birth & postnatal doula.

It can be easy to get swept along the one-size-fits-all maternity services conveyor-belt system; my work focuses on empowering women to have confidence in their own choices, providing evidence-based education, and supporting you and your family as you grow into the next phase of your life.

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More About Me:

Outside of birthwork, I enjoy reading, knitting & crochet, gardening, and walking in the woods – my son says I’m obsessed with trees! I also play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons. I enjoy attending a local Women’s Circle and am currently on a personal journey of reconnecting with my nature-focused spirituality. You can usually find me curled up under a blanket crocheting or reading with thunderstorm sounds playing in the background!



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