Birth / Postnatal Doula Course


The Curriculum includes

  • Why train as a Doula/Birthkeeper?
  • Reflecting and debriefing of our own Birth stories and exploring our inherent attitudes around Pregnancy, Birth and Mother/Parenthood.
  • The role of Doula in a historical light and modern day context.
  • What it means to be ‘on call’ and how to prepare, in practical, physical and emotional ways.
  • Boundary setting within your Doula Practice.
  • Counselling and listening skills; how to ‘read’ non-verbal ques and approach vulnerable subjects.
  • An In-depth session on the Stages of Labour including the physiology of birth and the interplay of Hormones within the labouring and birthing process.
  • Working with your local healthcare team.
  • Birth ‘Plans’: tool of focus or potential for disappointment?
  • Pain relief used at home and in hospital.
  • Alternative pain relieving methods from  cultures and traditions around the world.
  • When things don’t go according to ‘plan’.
  • Birth preparation methods.
  • Birth companionship and how to help; including Active birth positions, Acupressure techniques, massage for labour and birth, use of herbs and homeopathy and breathing ‘techniques’.
  • Birth companionship and the Art of Doing Nothing.
  • The rise of the Freebirth movement 
  • Digital and ‘In your pocket’ Doula models 
  • Where do I begin? Ideas for those first Prenatal / Postnatal sessions.
  • Postnatal Doulaing…what might we offer? Walking new parents home to their power, rather than ‘teaching’, signposting, feeding support.
  • Self nurturing and co-support for us!
  • Networking and working with backups.
  • How to set up your practice, set fees and attract clients
  • All of our courses have a small piece of reflective pre-coursework for you to complete, but not to hand in, just to initiate a reflective practice and then 3 short pieces of post-coursework which are to hand in, but can be completed by voice note, artwork or in writing.

Our Birth and Postnatal Doula Training Courses offer

  • An informal, relaxed but rich learning environment, which is emotionally safe, fun and confidential
  • A fully comprehensive folder, with information on many aspects of Doulaing and the childbearing year, references, thought provoking articles and much more
  • Full Certification
  • Personal tuition and time to address any issues raised, with a one-to-one meeting, upon request
  • The opportunity to join Doula UK and / or Conscious Birthing. 

It really was an absolutely fabulous week, giving me so much food for thought and surpassed all my expectations. Like I said to you on the last day I don't remember ever feeling so inspired! The way you enabled us to learn, reflect and gain knowledge was brilliant. Being taught by you in such a safe, warm environment really was a privilege.- Fran.

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