September to December, Deep Dive online with Kate

Saturday September 21st to Saturday December 14th. 10.30 to 12.30 online with guest teachers, optional drop-in Story Share sessions and WhatsApp group with Kate. (This course runs with a minimum of 6 participants only).
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Our Deep Dive Doula 13 week online programme offers a thorough and paced exploration into the role of Birth and Postnatal Doula, alongside adding some TIDE elements to your Doula bag. 

The Deep Dive does what it says on the tin-we delve deeply into topics, have more time to digest and reflect, consider our own place in the work and how what we bring might help or hinder our practice. 

You’ll learn about starting up your business, spend time with a breastfeeding specialist and more.

We have guest teachers, extra ‘story share’ sessions and invite you to develop a community that will last far beyond your course days. 

We virtually meet for 2 hours each week on Zoom, there's a weekly set of coursework sent out by email, which includes working with your course mates in pairs or smaller groups, some reading and video-clip watching and then contributing to the next week's session. There's around 1.5 to 3 hours a week coursework, maximum.

We also offer a Whatsapp group where we connect during the week with chats, reflections, things that come up, questions and links we share. 
Once a week there's also a 'Story Share' circle, where we come together to have time looking at our own birth stories, postnatal journeys, ideas for starting practice, dreams, thoughts, internal shifts and more. It's a drop-in and we choose a time that works for us all each week. It's a wonderful opportunity to share a more fluid and less educationally structured time and it provides a welcome pause in the week for us all. We bring tea, blankets, we light candles and we simply hang out, talking about ourselves as women, some of us as parents, as fledgling Doulas and all sorts. It's where a lot of magic takes place and some find it a healing space. 
For example, on our most recent course, we chatted about the mother wound, being 'enough', fitting in our practice around other work and parenting commitments and more. We always have so much to talk about that it's a great extra space to share and provides the 'teabreak chats' that we miss by not being in-person.

Many people wonder how we cover the physical elements whilst online. Well, we give you links to watch demos and we talk you through, we try stuff out together whilst online (just simple stuff such as acupressure points on feet and lower legs) and we encourage you to try certain moves out at home, with friends and family. It works really well, as you have time to explore and investigate each technique, as we go.

All of our courses have a small piece of reflective pre-coursework for you to complete, but not to hand in, just to initiate a reflective practice and then 3 short pieces of post-coursework which are to hand in, but can be completed by voice note, artwork or in writing.

This course, as all of our Birthkeeping Doula courses,  is fully certificated and accredited with Doula UK.



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