Zoe Maria Carletide

Areas Covered
East Sussex

My name is Zoe (she/her/they/them) and I am delighted to be a mentored Doula with Conscious Birthing and Doulas Without Borders.

I will support your pregnancy, birth and post-birth experience with compassion in a judgement-free way, led by you. I can help you explore your birth intentions, support your wishes, help manage your expectations and build your resilience to confidently embrace your pregnancy and birth journey, wherever it may take you. As an ally and an advocate for your priorities I look forward to working with your birthing partner, midwives and medical teams to support you to have a birth I hope you will look back on and feel proud of yourself for.

I have spent 15 years working in women's rights and gender equality and can bring my own experiences in creating brave spaces to creatively express and explore your hopes and needs to our work together. Additional interests I can share include; laughter yoga, artistic visioning (ceramics, poetry, crafting), amateur pregnancy and birth photography, intention setting and personal experience as a queer, nurodivergent individual sensitive to issues of marginalisation, trepidation around body image, institutions and sensory issues.




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