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 Beautiful Birth Workshop


 Thursday 31st January 2019


This workshop will educate, empower and open you to your potential for a natural, conscious birth. 

Location: 1 Jocelin road Glastonbury Somerset BA6 8EN

Cost: £150 per couple, including all materials, tea and homemade cake.

Please contact us to book your limited place.

Your day with us includes:


  • How to create and maintain a calm internal and external environment for your labour journey, whether you're at home, birthing centre or hospital.


  • Looking at ancient ways in which to ride the sensations of labour without opening the drug cabinet, alongside plenty of information and discussion on those pain relief options available. Your body, your baby, your choice. ❤️


  • 'Beyond the Oxytocin': Looking at the progressive phases of labour from physiological, emotional and spiritual perspectives...learning where science meets magic.


  • Active birth session: an opportunity to try out some labour positions with your partner.


  • Partner inclusion; How Dads/parent's-to-be can empower themselves with ways in which to feel fully included within the experience of labour and birth, and be of greatest assistance to their partners. Staying grounded and being an advocate.


  • Birth and postnatal 'plans': Know your options to encourage making informed choice (complete with a suggested template for both plans to help you remember the many choices you have, to take home).


  • Becoming a parent; Discussion on how we really feel about becoming parents. The opportunity to explore our hopes and fears around this rite of passage.


  • A take home pack filled with information on labour, birth and postnatal care and breastfeeding tips is included.


       The day costs £150 per couple, running from 10am to 5pm and includes all materials and handouts, homemade cakes and tea.

       Please bring your own lunch/lunch to share. Vegetarian only. 


      Testimonials from previous Beautiful Birth workshops: 


"Just wanted to say a massive thank you from Kieran and I for all that we learned on your course! Tallula was born 9 days early on the 14th March after a very quick 4 hour labour. We are so glad we did the course as it really helped us to have the birth that we had planned...I had her in the birthing pool and Kieran caught her. Didnt have any pain relief just used homeopathy, Kieran was amazing and did everything I needed. I let the animal in me come out and made some pretty wierd but effective noises! What you said about transition really helped as I can remember recognising it and trying not to panic and letting my body go with it".


"Thank you-It was fantastic! Really helpful and empowering!"


"I feel that I have had a major transition in coming closer to both motherhood and birth..."


"A well constructed and executed course, by a lovely gentle person. Thankyou."


"I feel better informed and empowered to give birth in the way that I would like to."


"Matt said he just learnt so much about not only the birth but what he can do to help. He now feels very much part of the birth plan...he especially enjoyed the day, as up until now he hasn't really felt that involved in the decisions around birth and labour.."


"I wanted to drop you a line to say a BIG thank you for Sunday, Kate. We both had such a great day and learnt so much, it was what we hoped it would be and more."