December Glastonbury Residential TIDE with Kate-single room

Join Kate for a week long residential Birth and Postnatal Doula training in Glastonbury. TIDE inclusive. Private single room, breakfast included. Accommodation offered from Sunday evening to Saturday morning.
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Our  TIDE (Trauma Informed Doula Education) Course is a unique Birth Doula Training which includes the foundations of our usual Birth Doula Course curriculum, but extends to cover considering working with women and birthing people in disadvantage, using a Trauma Informed and Responsive Practice. 

This Course enables you to join Doula UK or Doulas Without Borders (DWB) or both. DWB is a  Doula service in support of women and birthing. people in financial hardship who are experiencing trauma and disadvantage.

Many participants simply utilise the additional information provided in this training to support them in their service to paying clients and many will choose to offer both paid and voluntary services.

You’ll be a step ahead with TIDE, as you’ll have spent some time considering many approaches to offering Doula support and will also have all the same foundational training as your peers. We want you to feel confident to hold space for women and pregnant people on all their different journeys into motherhood.

We cover the same main topics as our other Birth Doula course, such as the physiology of labour, additionally providing you with a level of understanding and confidence in supporting women who have suffered traumatic times. We consider how best we might support pregnant women who have experienced rape, domestic abuse/survived intimate partner violence or suffered various forms of loss. We look at supporting a woman and her partner through a more complex journey into motherhood/parenthood, alongside supporting physiological birth in less complex settings.

In respect of the uniqueness of each individuals experience and to prevent us from ever presuming expertise, we use the model of Cultural humility and responsiveness and utilise a ‘beginners mind’ approach, rather than calling ourselves 'culturally competent'.

We look at some of the more common triggers during the childbearing year and consider how best to collaborate with our clients in creating practical and empowering strategies for labour and birth. We look at modified Birth Plans, discuss disclosure, safeguarding, debriefing, peer support, self care and more. These topics run alongside our usual learning for the course, enhancing your knowledge base to empower you to confidently work with a more varied client base.


https://www.doulaswithoutborders.comOur 5 day intensive in-person training / 12 week online classes cover:

  • The Physiology of labour and birth, the positive feedback loop vs fear-tension-pain cycle 
  • What happens beyond fight or flight? Looking at the importance of the element of safety for those in chronic/complex trauma 
  • Working with your clients’ triggers and collaboratively creating strategies, 
  • Introducing the polyvagal curve and trauma response
  • Recognising our own thresholds and developing resiliency
  • How might you best support someone experiencing trauma response within the birth room?
  • Cultural humility and responsiveness; considering our own cultural story and developing our awareness of other cultures; what needs, wishes, considerations and adversities?
  • Practicing ‘beginners mind’ with unconditional positive regard; putting your clients expertise ahead of your own and trusting in the individual’s capacity to find their own best resource and tools
  • Learn comfort measures for labour; ‘Medical, Clinical and Homegrown’ options, covering the medical models through to choices such as use of water birth and homeopathy, with consideration and awareness for working with survivors
  • ‘Don't panic!’ A session on using trauma informed or imbued language; how language use can affect physiology
  • New motherhood/parenthood and postnatal care; supporting women/parents in those tender early days of motherhood, towards self-care, bonding and attachment, integration, resilience and well-being
  • Supporting infant feeding for survivors; considerations and conversations
  • Joining Doula UK, Doulas Without Borders and more
  • Setting up practice; coursework, pathways for next steps, marketing and advertising, codes of practice and confidentiality, ethos and guidelines

All of our courses have a small piece of reflective pre-coursework for you to complete, but not to hand in, just to initiate a reflective practice and then 3 short pieces of post-coursework which are to hand in, but can be completed by voice note, artwork or in writing.

You can find more about Doulas Without Borders at:



Doula UK
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