‘Brilliant Basics’ March online evening class with Kate

Online ‘Doula Basics’ Evening Class with Kate, Wednesday March 6th to Wednesday April 10th. 19th to November 23rd, 6.30 to 9.30pm, with further reading and resources, a WhatsApp group and coursework. Foundation birth/postnatal/TIDE included. Doula UK Certificated.
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Brilliant Basics 6 week Doula Course

We cover the full curriculum of how best to support our clients to make informed choices within a challenged and challenging environment, supporting techniques for physiological birth to medicalised outcomes, interventions (and ways we can support our clients to avoid them) induction, postpartum support, infant feeding and more.

We consider freebirth, homebirth, MLU and hospital birth. We signpost you to further training, research, reading and there’s a little coursework each week.

You’ll have a WhatsApp group with your facilitator. There are often extra goodies, guest teachers and optional story share drop-ins, offered organically.

This course is also accredited with Doula U.K.



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